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Weirs are typically installed in open channels including streams to determine discharge (flow rate). The basic principle is the fact that discharge is directly associated with the water depth over the crotch (bottom) of the V; this space is known as head (h). The V-notch layout causes little changes in discharge to have a big change in depth enabling head measurement more than a rectangular weir.

A weir is a barrier across a river made to change its flow features. Generally, weirs take the kind

Weir Assignment Help

Weir Assignment Help

of obstacles smaller than most conventional dams while additionally enabling it to stream steadily above their tops. Weirs are widely used to change the flow of rivers measure discharge to prevent floods and help provide rivers navigable. Weirs are additionally used in the study of returning salmonids.

Industrial Weir Power & department designs and produces industrial steam turbines and valves, pumps, hydro turbines for the global power generation, oil & gas and industrial sectors. Our business well-known product brands include:

– Engineered valves that provide dependability and high performance in acute and general service obligations

– Pumps made for durability in demanding solids handling programs and high pressure

– Single and multistage industrial steam turbines from 1-65MW

– The layout and upgrade of hydro turbines to provide capability and reliability increases

– Windfarm care, commissioning and management to maximize fleet operation

Our portfolio of aftermarket support and engineered service options can enhance operating performance and operable life of turbomachinery, valves and pumps.

Weir Minerals are experts in supporting and providing slurry device options including display media and pumps, hydro cyclones, valves, display machines, rubber and wear resistant liners for the electricity sector and mineral processing, international mining and general business. In slurry processing, pumping and management applications where capital cost is frequently outweighed by the cost of ownership as a priority, we help our clients address such problems as ability, longevity, efficiency of operation, as well as upkeep.

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