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Assignment 05.05, “I Don’t Know How to Write an Assignment” is from Susan Fredell, author of “Calming the Nervous Jitters: A Life in Fiction.” This work of fiction was inspired by her experiences as a college student who had to write essays. In this first assignment, Susan lists some techniques for those who want to write an assignment and then continues on to share advice with those who do not.

First, remember that a general attitude is best when it comes to writing an assignment. When writing an assignment, students should work towards writing with a calm tone and without too much emotion. Emotions are definitely a part of writing but an all out expression of emotion is usually not helpful and may also be harmful.

Secondly, don’t dwell on past mistakes or feelings. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to let go of a past mistake or feelings.

Third, take time to analyze any problems or issues that might be arising. Use the problem as a starting point and solve the problem, and then use the solution as a base for coming up with the solution.

Fourth, the writing must come from the heart. Write what comes naturally to you. It might seem a little odd, but if you write from the heart, it makes it easier to focus on the ideas.

Fifth, keep the writing simple. No more than four sentences should be used per paragraph. Simple sentences work best for brainstorming ideas and do not bore readers.

Sixth, writing must be on the whole easy to read. Try to use the most common language for writing assignments and avoid using difficult words. When writing an assignment, always use the first person plural for singular subjects. Use the first person singular for plural subjects.

Seventh, avoid coming up with an idea and asking yourself if you can write that idea. Try to come up with ideas for a chapter that you have already read. You might be able to turn an idea into a chapter or idea, then you can find out if you can write it.

Eighth, you should keep the assignment short. Remember that people who try to write an assignment and a half will usually feel frustrated.

Ninth, an excellent idea will not come to mind instantly and a well-written assignment is one that requires thought. Try to write from your heart rather than from an idea. For instance, if you have read a book that discusses a topic, try to write an assignment around that book or topic.

Tenth, when writing an assignment you need to explore personal experiences. By going into your own life, you may find yourself facing challenges and will be better prepared to tackle these challenges.

Finally, try to use personal experience as a springboard to coming up with solutions. The solution will come to you when you are living it. This writing service is written by Susan Fredell.

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