Virtuoso AMS Designer Assignment & Homework Help

Virtuoso AMS Designer Assignment Help


Cadence ® Virtuoso ® AMS Designer is a mixed-signal simulation and confirmation service for the style and confirmation of analog, RF, memory, and mixed-signal SoCs.

Virtuoso AMS Designer Assignment Help

Virtuoso AMS Designer Assignment Help

It is incorporated with the Virtuoso full-custom environment for mixed-signal style and confirmation. It is likewise incorporated with the Cadence Incisive ® practical confirmation platform for mixed-signal confirmation within the digital confirmation environment. The AMS Designer circulation utilizes the AMS environment and a set of tools tuned to help with the advancement of mixed-signal styles. The circulation offers you a mixed-signal, mixed-language, block-based style service including the following qualities. A bottom-up or top-down advancement approach for both analog and mixed-signal styles.

  • ■ The capability to blend blocks at various levels of abstraction for an enhanced balance of simulation precision versus speed
  • ■ The capability to produce Verilog ®- AMS netlists for a whole library with a single command
  • ■ Automatic, non-destructive conversion of existing analog primitive libraries
  • ■ A style capture environment that helps with both text and schematic information entry
  • ■ Support for the Verilog-AMS, VHDL-AMS, Spectre ®, and SPICE languages
  • ■ Accurate and versatile representation of analog/digital user interface borders and precise, automated insertion of user interface components
  • ■ Accurate and versatile representation of mixed-language limits
  • ■ Flexible style setup, which enables simple changing from one style representation to another ■ Accelerated, automated netlist generation from schematics
  • ■ A single debugging environment for analog, digital, and mixed-signal parts of your style
  • When wanted, ■ Stand-alone simulation
  • ■ A single unified waveform screen for analog, digital, and combined signal webs in your style

The Virtuoso ® AMS Designer simulator is a single executable for language-based mixed-signal simulation. You can utilize the AMS Designer simulator to style and confirm complicated and big mixed-signal SoCs (systems on chips) and multichip styles. The Virtuoso custom-made style platform is an extensive system for quickly, silicon-accurate style and is enhanced to support “meet-in-the-middle” style approaches such as innovative customized style. Virtuoso consists of the market’s only specification-driven environment, multi-mode simulation with typical designs and formulas, significantly sped up design, advanced silicon analysis for 0.13 microns and listed below, and a full-chip, mixed-signal combination environment. The Virtuoso platform is readily available on the Cadence CDBA database and the industrystandard OpenAccess database. With the Virtuoso platform, style groups can rapidly develop silicon that is ideal and on time at procedure geometries from one micron to 90 nanometers and beyond.

The mixed-signal style circulation utilizes Cadence Virtuoso AMS environment and a set of tools tuned to help with the advancement of mixed-signal styles. The Virtuoso AMS environment and simulator collaborate to allow you to netlist, put together, elaborate, and mimic a circuit which contains analog, digital, and mixed-signal elements. The AMS environment includes the AMS netlister and AMS Design Prep. The previous translates Cadence database gain access to (CDBA) cellviews in your style to Verilog ®- AMS netlists, and the latter prepares your style for simulation by letting you handle the international signals and style variables in your style and by guaranteeing that the netlists depend on date and assembled for elaboration. The AMS simulator offers both the Spectre and the UltraSim solvers and you can change backward and forward in between them as your style develops.

The Virtuoso AMS Designer Simulator is a single executable language-based mixed-signal simulation option. With its assistance of the basic languages, Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS, it guarantees that mixed-signal SoCs get created and confirmed right and ontime, prior to tapeout. The Virtuoso AMS Designer Simulator is more than simply analog and digital simulation– it integrates both the analog and the digital style streams together. T. he AMS environment offers netlisting from schematics and setup of the style hierarchy and is completely suitable with the Virtuoso custom-made style platform. The simulation environment and its ability to manage the simulation, debug the style, and show the resulting mixed-signal waveforms is totally suitable with the Incisive practical confirmation platform. The Virtuoso AMS Designer Simulator is a single executable mixed-signal simulator based upon the tested innovation of Virtuoso Spectre Circuit Simulator and the Incisive Unified Simulator engine. The integrated Virtuoso Spectre circuit solver guarantees that the user gets golden simulation results with sign-off quality. The analog results match the waveforms of the analog Virtuoso Spectre simulation.

The Virtuoso Spectre solver, within the Virtuoso AMS Simulator or as a standalone, utilizes the very same design cards and internal design representations as other simulator services, and the design characterization innovation integrated with the Virtuoso platform, to make sure silicon-accurate outcomes. In the confirmation circulation the Virtuoso UltraSim solver is utilized as the integrated analog simulation engine. This makes it possible for last confirmation of the biggest mixed-signal SoCs and multichip styles. With the Incisive unified simulation engine within the AMS Simulator, the user gets highperformance native Verilog and VHDL simulation without the requirement for requalification of the digital simulator.

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