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A report can be defined as a written document that is based upon some information that includes facts and figures. The writer of the report should prepare himself before writing a report and he should also have all the knowledge about the topic of the report. Moreover, a person should also have all the statistical documents that can help him while writing a report. Statistical documents include experimental and statistical data that are used while conducting a research. All these statistical documents are attached with the report in the appendix section at the time of submission.

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Reports Assignment Help

Reports Assignment Help

and informative. They are also aware of how to write a report for the academic purpose. Currently, report writing is a necessary task for the students who are studying and it is an important tool through which a student can get his degree or certification regarding any field after submitting a report at the completion of education period. Reports have various types and categories in which the students can work in their educational life. One can categorize the types of reports either by the writing or by disciplines.

Furthermore, there are numerous examples of reports that include Business Reports, Formal Reports, Experimental or Technical Reports, Field Reports, Book Reports, and Book Reports. Each type of the reports is discussed below:

Business Reports

In the academic world, report writing is an essential task for the students. Business report is the type of report that can be used in the business environment. A businessman can use the business report for different purposes such as informing about the market or company’s situation, presenting new ideas and objectives and many others. There are two types of business reports that include formal and informal. Informal reports are short in terms of length. They consist of not more than five pages and one can write informal reports in the form of letters and memos.

On the other hand, formal report is long and it can consist of about 20 to 30 pages. In this type of report, one can present detailed information about the business. In addition, business reports also have various types that can be differentiated according to the arrangement of the facts and its interpretation.

Formal Reports

Report is the collection of the data that can be interpreted and delivered to the audience for the purpose of their understanding. Formal report is one of the types of the reports. Most of the time, formal reports are used in order to present the projects. This type of report needs a large amount of research and systematic work and it is a difficult task for every person. In the academic world, there are many writers who use indirect form of report while writing a report. Indirect report writing structure has different steps that include introduction, background history, research methodology, data interpretation and analysis, and conclusion and recommendation about the topics.

Experimental or Technical Reports

Generally, the experimental or technical reports are used in different academic disciplines or industries that contain some technical information. In this type of report, one can target the audience while conducting a report. Firstly, a person can define the objective of the research and then he can write his report by following the consistent format that can highlight the principles and importance of the report. An experimental or technical report requires a large amount of data and few calculations. Lastly, one can present the data in the form of the report that can be gathered with the help of any experiment.

Field Reports

Field report is one of the types of report in which one can study any discipline or field. Most of the times, the faculty members of different colleges and universities can write this type of reports or sometimes they can assign field reports to the group of students or the student can take initiative and start working on the report independently. One can present the field of study according to its natural setting and the field report is considered as the final product of the field report.

Book Reports

A book report is defined as the report that mainly focuses on writing the information about the book. This report contains all the information regarding the book that includes authors, concepts, and many others. Generally, book reports can sum up with a brief personal statement about the student.

Progress Reports

This is another type of report. Progress report contains some facts that are based upon some observation which highlight the development in anything since the last report. One writes progress reports continuously or after a period of time. Annual reports or he financial statements are the examples of the progress reports.

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