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Project Management Assignment Help

Project Management was founded in the 20th century. Project management is a vast academic discipline. It is defined as the study of systematizing and arrangement of the organizational resources that are necessary in order to perform a specific task.A person who wants to acquire the knowledge and pursue the career in the field of project management, he or she should understand that what is the project and what we do in the project.

Project management is one of the academic disciplines. The term

Project Management Assignment Help

Project Management Assignment Help

of project is defined as the geometrical figure that has three limitations. It can also be described as the collective venture for a temporary purpose rather than the permanent purpose such as social work system. The three limitations of the project include time, cost and scope. All the limitations of the project are discussed below:


Time is one of the limitations, which is frequently used in businesses. In a project, time is one of the major hurdles for the organizations.A person or group should manage the constraint of time according to project requirement. The project management team is obliged to be familiar with the time limit of the project.


Cost is defined as the worth or value of anything. In project management, the term cost is not only used for the purpose of monetary value; whereas it has the broader meaning. Project management can defined the cost is the value of all the resources that are required by a person or group working on the project. The cost of the project includes the value of equipment, value of raw materials, value of supplies, wages of labor and many others resources.This is because cost is considered as the second biggest constraint of the project.Therefore, one cannot complete his or her project if they are unable to pay the cost of the services.


The scope is considered as the third biggest constraint of the project in project management. There are two types of scopes used in the project management. These types of scopes include product scope and project scope.Product scope is defined as the purpose of producing the good or services as per the demands of the consumers that include quality, functions and features of the product. However, the project scope is defined as the work activities, which are required in order to finish the project of delivering a goods or services as per the instructions of the project.

Stages of Project Management

There are seven fundamental stages in project management. The stages of project management include preparation of a project, project training, design the project, project strategy and business case, development and testing of project, project performance and control and project completion.

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