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Production Management

Production management is a term that is usually used for the operation management. It can be defined as the process, which can oversee the industrial processes whether they are well planned or controlled as per the level of requirements.Mainly the production management processes are used in the industries of manufacturing and services. The functions of production management is necessary in a organization such as other management functions that include marketing, human resourse, finance, supply chain and many others. In the industry of manufacturing, the operations that are included in the production management includes plan, design, process, and control of a product. The control of a product include quality and capacity of a product as well as the managing of a workforce in an organization.

In the production management, there are five “M” that are

Production Management  Assignment Help

Production Management Assignment Help

essential, which include machines, men, materials, methods and money.Machines is defined as the equipment and tool that are used in production of a product.Men are the workforce of a production system. Materials are the resources or ingredients; whereas the methods are the processes are used in order to develop a product. In addition, money is a cash required to run the production processes.

Moreover, the process is used to manage the production such as observation, analysis, corrective actions, and evaluations. The observation process is defined as the measurement of the output, as well as the recording of the idle and downtime of the production. The process of analysis includes the comparison of the progress of a production with the predefined plan. Corrective actions are the actions that can be taken if the production process is not working as per the given requirements. Evaluation process is the determine the performance of the production process. It can govern the maintenance schedules as well as it estimates the production capacity.

Furthermore, there are numerous topics included in the production management assignment help services such as:

  • Statistical Quality Control and Total Quality Management – TQM
  • Introduction – Definition of Production Systems
  • Forecasting
  • Facility Location
  • Production scheduling
  • Industrial – manufacturing systems
  • Facility layout – design and material handling systems
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • The evolution of Production and Operations Management
  • Production Planning and Inventory Control

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