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Microprocessor Applications in Manufacturing

In simple English, a microprocessor is the brain of a computer, which functions in one processor. Winn L. Rosch compares them to being an electronic equivalent of a knee joint that when hit with the appropriate digital stimulation, they will respond in the same manner each time (Rosch, 37). A microprocessor is multitudinous transistors squeezed as a bit of silicon that has a potential to solve mathematics problems as quick as possible.

Microprocessors are created of many smaller parts in which

Microprocessor Applications in Manufacturing

Microprocessor Applications in Manufacturing

all function collectively make the processor work. A great analogy for the way the inner workings of a processor work can be seen in How Microprocessors Work. Essentially, a microprocessor may be considered as a factory that is because it is like a factory that told what to do with it and sent something. Information is processed by the microprocessor factory. This fundamental unit of the information is the bit. A bit is just off or on. It is either a zero or a one. Bits are set into 8-bit groups. The number 8 is used that is because it offers enough mixes to encode our whole language (2^8=256). If just 4 bits are used just (2^4=16) mixtures would be possible. This is sufficient to encode a few operations and 9 digits. In the entire world of computer images, the mix of bits is seen. In computer images bits are accustomed to make color blends, so with more bits more colors are possible. Eight-bit images will display 256 colors, 16 bit will show 65,536, and 24-bit images will display 16.7 million colors. The bus unit is described as the sending dock as it controls functions between the individual pieces of the processor and the data transfers. The portion of the processor that performs the function of a purchasing department is called the pass unit. It is a task to ensure that there is enough on-hand information to maintain that the processor is active. The decode unit performs the function of a receiving section.

It breaks down complex instructions into smaller bits from the remaining portion of the computer so that the processor can manipulate more easily. The control unit is compared to the individual who manages the inner workings of the whole factory. It is the portion of the processor that organizes their activities and keeps all the other parts working together. It is the portion of the microprocessor that performs the mathematical processes. It contains circuitry that performs the mathematics as well as the registers which carry the information that is required. The memory management unit is associated to the transportation section of this digital factory. It is in charge of sending information to the bus unit. The individual pieces can support each other in order to make this digital interaction work as quickly as possible.

The term that is removed from the microprocessor operation is Megahertz (MHz). It is a measurement of processor speed, however it is better considered the RPM of the processor (Knorr, 135). It is because the Pentium can do more per clock cycle and packages more power. The computer bus is the data line that connects the microprocessor the remaining portion of the computer. Processors that integrate RISC technology essentially rely on ease to improve functionality. This technology is used by Motorola processors. These processors use hardwired instructions to hasten the procedure that is processing. All Intel PC products fall into this group. Currently, the superscalar design, pipelining, and branch prediction logic are now technological buzzwords in the computer community. These technologies may be found in newer processors. Pipelining enables the processor to seek out new information while the old information continues to work on Wyant and Hammerstrom. Division prediction logic uses information in a manner that the software has acted before to try and forecast precisely what the software will do next. Bus speed is merely the speed in MHz at which the data bus goes. This is relative to how quick the microprocessor and the remaining portion of the computer can transfer. A register is the portion of the processor that carry the information the processor is now controlling. Using very long instruction words is just using instructions bigger than 16 bits in order to raise the quantity of information the processor may be transmitted at the same time.

When combined with other integrated circuits that offer storage for applications and data, frequently on one semiconductor foundation to form a chip.The microprocessor becomes the center of a tiny computeror microcomputer. TTL technology is mostly used while CMOS is favored for portable computers and other battery powered devices due to the low electricity consumption. ECL is used where the demand for its greater rate counters the reality that it uses up the most electricity. Four-bit system is only good for simple management programs; the broader the data format, the much more expensive and quicker the system. CISC chips have 70 to several hundred instructions which are simpler to program rather than RISC chips that are higher in price.

The microprocessor has become visible as the central processor of the personal computer. Microprocessors also play a supporting function within bigger computers as smart controls for storage devices, images screens, and high speed printers. However, a large proportion of microprocessors is adapted to control everything from consumer appliances to smart weapons. The microprocessor has made possible the cheap hand held electronic calculator, the digital wristwatch, as well as the electronic game.

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