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Microbiology Homework Help

The botulinum toxin creates the bacteria has an LD50 of about 10ng/kg that will kill 50% of those. The size of a single pollen grain could kill an average-sized adult. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin, causing death by preventing contraction of the muscle accountable for respiration and generally paralyzing muscles.

Usage of Botox for cosmetic is a comparatively recent development. Initially, injections were used

Microbiology Homework Help

Microbiology Homework Help

to relieve ailments that crossed eyes and cause uncontrolled muscle twitching. A comparatively new usage of Botox is treatment of persistent migraines. Where people have identified a means to make use of naturally dangerous product for human gain botulinum toxin is only one example in the realm of microbiology.

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The focus of the discipline of Microbiology is mainly on study of microscopic organisms but at times contain some macroscopic eukaryotes and prokaryotes. In a nutshell, microbiology is described as the department of biology.

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Microbiology publishes external, high quality reviews and research papers on all characteristics of the subject. The journal joins editorial expertise from across the world with extraordinary breadth of coverage, providing accessibility to research in one accessible source.

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