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Mechanical Engineering Drawing

Mechanical engineering drawing is defined as a type of technical drawing. This type of technical drawing is used to determine the clear requirements that can be needed in the engineering of items. It is an activity that can produce the documents which is known as engineering drawings. Mechanical drawing engineering is not only the drawing of pictures, however it is a language of graphics that can be used to transfer the information and ideas from one thing to another. Particularly, an engineer is transfered the needed information to the workers through mechanical engineering drawing.

Moreover, the skills and the processes that are used to

Mechanical Engineering Drawing Assignment Help

Mechanical Engineering Drawing Assignment Help

produce mechanical engineering drawings is known as the drafting or technical drawing. However, it can be pronounced as the draughting. On the other hand, there are numerous areas in which the mechical engineering drawing is also used regardless of the area being engineering or different. These areas are cabinet making, landscaping, garment-making and architechture.

The people who pursue their career in the field of mechanical engineering drawing or produce a engineering drawing are known as the draftsmen. Draftsmen is the non-gender specific terms that are commonly used for the expert of mechanical engineering drawing in every part of the world.

Mechanical engineering drawing has numerous features, that include geometry, dimensions, materials, tolerances and finish. All the features of the mechanical engineering drawing are discussed below:


Geometry is defined as the shape or figure of an object. It can be used to represent the objects that can determine the look of the object from the differebt directions such as left, right, top, bottom, etc.


Dimesions is one of the features of the objects. It determines the size of the object.


Tolerance is another feature of object. This features shows the variations of the object that are allowable for all the dimesions.


Material is one of the features that gives the informaiton about the material that are used in the making of the material.


Lastly, this feature can be used to determine the quality or eminence of the object that whether it is cosmetic or functional.

In addition , the draftsmen has used numerous kinds of projections in the mechanical engineering drawing. The kinds of projections are:

• Perspective projection
• Isometric projection
• Auxiliary projection
• Orthogonal projection
• Oblique projection

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