Machining, Machine-Tools And Metrology Assignment & Homework Help

Machining, Machine-Tools And Metrology

Machining is a term that can be used in the field of mechanical engineering. It can be defined as the process, which can be used to eliminate an unwanted material from a workpiece. There are numerous tasks that are involved in this process such as cutting, grinding, etc. On the other hand, the operations of machining process are milling, turning, drilling, and boring.Furthermore, the machining process is involved in the construction of many metallic products, however, it can also be used in the manufacturing of different kinds of materials that include composites, plastic, wood and ceramics. The people who pursue their career in the machining are known as machinist. In addition, the place where the operations of machining processes take place is known as machine shop.

A machine tool is the name of machine in order to shape or

Machining, Machine-Tools And Metrology Assignment Help

Machining, Machine-Tools And Metrology Assignment Help

design the material by using the processes and tasks of machining  such as grinding, grinding, cutting, shearing, turning, milling, drilling, and many others. All these processes are also known as the process of deformation of materials. The main purpose of the machine tools is to make or contruct or develop a new product after performing all the relevant machining processes. Toolpath is defined as the comparative movement machining processes and the workpiece. However, it can be controlled by some automated machines or by people at some extent so that the shape or design of a product will not be affected. The terms “offhand and freehand” are used for the products that do not fulfill the requirement of a standardize product.

Metrology is the science of measurement. Metrology includes all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement.

Metrology is defined as the field of science that can be used in order to do measure something. There are a large numbers of theoretical and practical aspects in the science of measurement. According to the “International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)”,metrology is a science of measurement that determines both theoretical and experimental aspect at a level of uncertainty regarding any field whether it is science or technology. However, the “Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology” is the committee that describes the terminology, ontology or vocabulary of the field of metrology. The field of metrology can comprises of few main acitivities, such as:

  • The units of measurement are accepted internationally.
  • Understanding the pratical use of the standard units of measurement.

Moreover, there a three sub-fields of metrology that include:

  • Legal metrology
  • Applied, technical or industrial metrology
  • Scientific or fundamental metrology

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