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Machine Element Design

Machine element is a term that can be used in the mechanical engineering. It is defined as the fundamental component of the machine. There are three major types of the machine element. The types of major elements are structural, mechanism, and control. All three types of machine elements are discussed below:


Structural is the first machine element that includes axles,

Machine Element Design Assignment Help

Machine Element Design Assignment Help

fasteners, bearings, frame members, lubricants, seals and frame members, etc.


Mechanism is one of the machine elements that can regulate the movement with the help of different ways, which include belt or chains, linkages, equipment sequences, follower systems and cam, clutches and brakes.


The final machine element is the control. It includes indicators, sensors, actuators, switches, computer controllers, and buttons.

The shape, color, and texture are the components of the machine, which are not included in the machine element.However, it covers the important portion of the machine that is because it offers an operational and styling interface between the users and components of the machine.

Machine elements are also defined as the features and the fundamental components, which can be used in the machines in the form of building blocks.Most of the time, the size of the components is same as the common sizes. However, the custom sizes of building blocks are also used for the particular applications.

Moreover, the machine elements are usually the features of the part, which include integral plain bearings and screw thread, however, they are also have some separate parts such as rolling elements bearings, pulleys, equipment, axles and wheels. All the machines that are simple in nature are considered as the machine element. However, there are some machine elements, which are the combination of the several simple machines concepts. For instance, a leadscrew is the combination of screw and thread. It can be used as the inclined plane, which can enfolded around a container.

Furthermore, there are various tasks such as invention, engineering and design that are included in the elements of machine. In addition, the creative and intelligent combining of the elements of machine that can fulfill the needs is known as the applications.

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