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Low Cost Automation

Low cost automation is used to solve a productivity issue in exporting unit and a fruit packaging. The case study reveals gains in the type of a productivity rise. Multiple piling of cartons during transportation makes it essential to get strong cartons. Interlocks and double fold are provided that are also cared for the plan of the folding systems. The encounter attained in this endeavor could be used to complete automate thecommunicationsystem and using robots.

The fiscal crisis confronted great challenges that have been

Low Cost Automation Assignment Help

Low Cost Automation Assignment Help

faced by the manufacturing organizations. At big assortment, and low volumes, they need to be competitive with minimal investment. Low cost automation can play an important part in this scenario.

The practical, secure, efficient, and rewarding systems is the use of low cost automation (LCA) that is pursued in Japan with lots of excitement from around 1960s. In India, LCA was discovered to be useful for small-scale businesses employing several individuals to enormous production organizationsby using a large number of individuals. Nevertheless, these devices were useful in order to replace the muscle effort of the labor. Developments in microelectronics began during 1970s and have added significant capacity to LCA. Advanced controls, data acquisition, data processing and electronic detection have given a great mix of hi-technology at low cost. This can add significant understanding into the automation system. The writer invented the language ‘Low cost Hi-tech automation’ (LCHA) in 1994 to emphasize the meaning of the mix.

Low Cost Automation

LCA is a technology that creates some level of automation across the present equipment, tools, processes, individuals, etc, by using mostly standard parts that are accessible in the marketplace with low investment so the payback period is short.

Low cost high tech automation

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LCHA cannot be hindered by fiscal constraint. Capital equipment has long payback period and is extremely expensive. On the other hand, it is constructed around existing resources. Therefore, the requirement for the investment is lower and payback period is not that long. High-priced automation will need enough big batch size to be price-effective. Rising raw materials price requires better utilization of the substance, less work in progress and rejection. LCHA can help in house development; individuals develop ability to keep, and even fix them, since the individuals involved in the action that are motivated to take part in the development. This reduces the breakdown time, risk and price.However, the danger due to choice or significant investment of technology is incorrect.
According to the rule of liberalization and globalization, improvement in the quality and cost reduction are two main steps for the purpose to improve productivity when many variables such as economic downturn, depression in demand, threat, lack of resources with long gestation period make significant investment that are not potential. Among the rewarding, secure, economic and practical strategies is the use of Low Cost Automation.

What is cost automation?

A technology which is named Low Cost Automation defines few level of automation across the present equipment, individuals, processes as well as tools by using mostly standard accessible parts in the marketplace.

As the name suggests that low cost automation may be paraphrased as ‘easy automation’.

The source of the type of automation is available at the time of the first Oland investment disaster in the 1970s. Nowadays, the automation of low cost is the consequence of the kaizen movements of shop floor coworkers in Japanese world class businesses.

LCA originated partially on account of a product-oriented kind of production (lean manufacturing) in which products were made in the lowest possible amount in cells based on the one piece-pull principle. This was remarkably different to the technology included the type of production whichis prevalent in the west and marked by a separation of procedures based on their functions.

In the west, it is stated by the rule of volume digression or the tenets of mass production that products are pushed in the largest potential numbers through the manufacturing procedure.

Both of these different types of production, depending on the rules of push and pull, have rather distinct demands on the level of automation and the flexibility of manufacturing.

It is intriguing to notice that recent developments have revealed, particularly in the West, the time of quantitative development is not imminent. Quantities are growing through the acquisition of plundering competition or companies. This thing can lead to a rise in the level of sophistication and a rise in the item variations in production.

Moreover, the demands of the marketplace that is catered by the businesses in a developing country might not be high. The numerous investments in a technology are highly complex. Typically, automation is regarded as being signified by computerization that leads to unemployment which is not a good sign. Automation without computerization may be quite easy. This type of automation, which is popularly called Low Cost Automation, allows the industrialist to enhance efficacy as well as his production techniques without going in for expensive machines. Low Cost Automation must not be viewed in terms of a predetermined maximum capital outlay; however as an approach to automation using equipment and control systemare within the range of the business concerned both technically and economically. The primary purpose of Low Cost Automation is to raise caliber of products along with Productivity and decrease the price of production, and not reduce labor. The lower amount technologies could be turned into exceptionally productive by automation at low cost in easy type.

These would also empower the process of this equipment by even semi-skilled and unskilled labor. This may include using systems and standardized components automate machines and systems. Similarly, using an operator as a detection system is not un-economical, however it bring excessive tiredness.

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