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Inventory Planning and Control Assignment Help


Our research study in the area of production planning and inventory control with re-manufacturing was initiated by a consulting project which we carried out for a large U.S. manufacturer of photocopiers. The manufacturer had actually developed a prototype of a new generation of copy machines which varied from older generations since some modules coming from used copy machines were re-usable in new photocopiers. This procedure, where utilized parts (modules) are processed to please precisely the very same quality and other requirements as new elementsis called re-manufacturing. Inventory planning and control are functions relating to inventory management. Inventory control is the process by which supervisors count and preserve inventory items in the company.

Inventory Planning and Control Assignment Help

Inventory Planning and Control Assignment Help

What is Inventory Planning?

Inventory planning refers to the procedure that any organization adopts to figure out the optimal amount as well as timing with the sole objective of aligning such plans with the company’s capability to produce and make sales. Inventory planning usually influences the company in a variety of ways. For example, it directly identifies the capital of any organization and its revenues margins with reference to those that have an over reliance on quick turnovers of items and products. Obviously, inventory planning is a vital element of any company’s success.

When in case of raw material inventory management function is essentially handling two significant functions. Function offers with inventory planning and the second being inventory tracking. As inventory coordinators, their main task consists in evaluating demand and choosing when to purchase and how much to purchase new inventories. Standard inventory management approach includes two models particularly:

EOQ – Economic Order Quantity

Constant Ordering

Periodic Ordering

Where is production planning and control innovation going?

Numerous will say that it is becoming far more data and information systems oriented. With computer system proliferation on the production floor, real-time data are a fact. The ability of knowing where everything is and what everybody is doing now is possible if not a fact. The outcome is an information avalanche which in many circumstances is unmanageable. Therefore, it can be argued that production planning and control is the event of the best information at the right time to make decisions. Gain supply and demand visibility and cost savings with Demand Solutions Requirements Planning. Whether people execute this option separately or incorporated with Demand Solutions Forecast Management, it can help them in order to better plan and handle their inventory positions by using advanced, industry-standard forecasting and demands planning algorithms.

As most executives know, getting the best levels is important because it is not only controls costs but also works as a barometer of a company’s general health. We have found that best in class supply companies have the ability to improve inventory levels in between 20 percent and 50 percent by using advanced analytical tools that are leading to cost savings for several years. We generally ask to customers’ concerns that take the pulse of a company’s inventory health. They are created to evaluate the efficiency of inventory decrease procedures in addition to the complexity and breadth of those efforts.

When people are beginning out, they might well feel that there are more important things to do than hang around and money on stock control. People would most likely be relatively best about that as a start-up the last thing they need are difficult management tasks. Inventory planning and control is an important ingredient for a successful business and is the bridge that connects marketing/sales, production, and acquiring activities. The process production market has not accepted the new innovative planning and scheduling software tools due to the complexities involved in the software solutions which do not fit the process industry environment well.

When a seller has the ability to enhance their inventory total inventory levels and markdowns are decreased while capital, margins and sales are enhanced. The result of appropriate inventory planning is a store wide boost in profitability. The very best measurement of inventory success is the annual Stock Turnover Rate. Enhancing Stock Turnover Rates leads to a smaller sized investment in inventory with lower purchasing costs, much better cash flow and enhanced chance costs/investments. Inventory control is the system embraced and created for controlling financial investment in inventory. The investment in inventory is high in most of the tasks participated in manufacturing, whole sale and retail trade. The amount of financial investment is often more in inventory than in other assets. It involves inventory planning and decision making with regard to the quality and time of purchase, fixation of stock levels, and maintenance of shops record.

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