Geodetic Surveying Assignment & Homework Help

Geodetic Surveying Assignment Help

Geodetic surveying is the higher level survey of truth in angular observations and where the curvature of the earth is taken into account. The geodetic surveys extend over large regions and lines joining any two points on the surface of the earth are treated as arcs. For calculating their proposed distances on the plans or maps, the correction for the curvature of the earth is applied to the measured distances. The angles between the curved lines are treated as spherical angles. The knowledge of spherical trigonometry is necessary for making measurements for the geodetic surveys.

Provision of control points is situated on the principle of

Geodetic Surveying Assignment Help

Geodetic Surveying Assignment Help

surveying from the whole component and not from the part. Geodetic surveys demand accurate procedures of observations, the use of sophisticated devices and their computation with accurate adjustment. To get rid of the mistakes in the observations due to refraction, angular observations are usually restricted to night and arc lamps are used as signs on the survey stations.

This is the science of locating and relating the location of items on the earth relative to every other, while taking into consideration the size, form and gravity of the earth. It is used to locate the same location of basic points required for creating control for other surveys and is suited for long lines and large areas. Vertical and flat networks that cross the state form the primary spatial reference system used in mapping, border demarcation, and other geomatics applications.

Ontario Land Surveyors have enlarged their geodetic services by using new technology including specialized software such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), interferometric radio astronomy and same gravity observations.

Practice and theory of determining the place of points on the surface of earth and the measurements of regions are big so that the curvature of the world has to be taken into consideration. It is distinguished from plane surveying.

The operations are executed without respect to the curvature of earth. The line between these two points such as the base line is measured with a high level of correctness. This process is continued until the entire area to be surveyed is mapped. As geodetic devices, artificial earth satellites have come into wide use lately. This led to decide the precise geographic position of points on the surface of earth and a plan of geodetic satellites especially designed to measure variations in the gravitational field of the earth. Geodesists also study geodynamical phenomena such as tides crustal motion and polar movement. For this, they design international and national control networks, while counting on coordinate systems by using space and terrestrial techniques.


It is a procedure of surveying where size and the form of the earth are considered. This type of survey is suited long lines and for large places is used to find the precise place of fundamental points wanted for establishing control for some other surveys. In geodetic surveys, the stations are usually more precise devices and long distances apart and surveying methods are required for this Kind of surveying for plane surveying. The Contour of the World is believed as Aspheroid, although in a technical sense it is not a spheroid. Therefore, in the computation of Spaces in geodetic surveys, allowances are made for the reference is developed. The Location of each geodetic station is connected to this spheroid. The positions are expressed as latitudes or angles. The approaches used in geodetic surveying are beyond the Extent of this training manual.

Survey is a way of making relatively large scale and accurate measurements of the surfaces of earth. It includes the determination of the reduction, the measurement and interpretation of the data to useable form, and the establishment of relative position and size according to the specified measurement requirements.

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