Flexible Manufacturing System Assignment & Homework Help

Flexible Manufacturing System

Flexible manufacturing system is a type of manufacturing system. This type of manufacturing is defined as the flexibility is provided to the system in case of the modification happens in the manufacturing system. Sometimes, the modification may be predicted or unpredicted.

In the ancient time, the automation systems are based on

Flexible Manufacturing System Assignment Help

Flexible Manufacturing System Assignment Help

the transfer line. It is an equipment that has a fixed path conveyer is installed on both sides. However, it moved all the parts of the machines to each workplace. Work place is the place of work in which the machines or equipment can perform several tasks. The automation system of the manufacturing is only helpful for those organizations that are producing larger volumes of products, which is because they want to get economics of scale.

In order to reduce the flaws of the automation systems, the flexible manufacturing systems were developed for the manufacturing. The system of flexible manufacturing is used in the lines of the production. It is one of the types of manufacturing in which the system of material handling system is combined with the different machine tools. The system of flexible manufacturing system is useful in the production of different products that have a required a similar processing. There are numerous topics are included in the system of flexible manufacturing. These components are:

  • System of automated load that can be used in loading of the materials.
  • Automatic machining centers that can change the tools by their own.
  • Another system that can move materials through the machining centers
  • A system that unload the materials
  • A computer system that can combine all the processes of the system

The automated system of manufacturing can handle the equipment that can move the remaining material to the workplaces in the flexible manufacturing systems. The machines are operating automatically in order to position, select and execute some particular operations with the help of tool options. Whenever the manufacturing system processes, the computer systems can send the instructions to the next task and then the machines can retool and reposition accordingly. During that time, the processed material can transferred to the second machining center. The systems of flexible manufacturing can be designed as per the requirement of the production. The names of the different flexible manufacturing systems include closed loop, open field, ladder, and progressive.

There are numerous advantages of the flexible manufacturing system in comparison to the traditional systems of automation. The advantages of the flexible manufacturing systems are shorter response time, reduced direct labor, and better control on the manufacturing processes or consistent quality of products.

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