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Energy Conversion

Energy conversion can be described as when one can properly learn the reaction of the nuclear fission. The electrical energy can be produced when the reaction of nuclear fission occurs, however it does not take help of any force or mechanical device.Energy conversion is defined as the process of the conversion of energy from one state to another.Moreover, it is a process that converts kinetic energy into the electrical energy by taking the help of fission reaction.

Furthermore, there is another process of energy conversion

Energy Conversion Assignment Help

Energy Conversion Assignment Help

in which energy can be converted from one form to another due to the reaction of nuclear fusion. The reaction of nuclear fusion can develop nuclear reactors, which have high efficiency. The reaction of nuclear reaction can be defined as the reaction that can convert fusion energy in the form of electrical energy. In this reaction, the output efficiency cycle reaches upto 80%. This output efficiency cycle is much higher than the modern thermal efficiency cycle that is because its output efficiency cycle is only 40%.

Moreover, there are two kinds of energy resources such as renewable energy resources and the non-renewable energy sources. It is necessary to determine the energy resources whether it is renewable or non-renewable before the conversion of energy. The example of renewable resources are Bio-gas, Solar, or Hydro energy system etc. On the other hand, the non-renewable energy resources are Petrolium, Coal, Oil, Kerosine, etc.

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