Design of a Lead Controller Assignment & Homework Help

Design of a Lead Controller Assignment Help

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Design of a Lead Controller Assignment Help

Design of a Lead Controller Assignment Help

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Design an appropriate phase-lead controller. People must describe in detail how the design has actually been established. The solution needs to consist of Bode plots built both by hand and using a suitable bundle such as MATLAB or Scilab.

By using the design rules in the control engineering data sheets obtain the TF of the “equivalent” 2nd order TF including controller.

First of all the unit step responses of the equivalent 2nd order TF and the actual closed loop system should compared, and then the accuracy of the equivalent should be commented upon.

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Using the phase lead controller transfer function obtained above as a prototype, design a digital controller using Bilinear Transform or any other method of the decision (10%).

Select a suitable sampling increment, T, given the following constraints:

– The minimum value for T is, T= 1ms.

– The value of T should be as large as possible, however must provide a unit step response within a 5% error band around the unit step response obtained from the ‘ideal’ closed loop system.

Compare the performance of the digital controlled system with the analogue controlled system obtained.

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