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CPM & PERT Assignment Help

CPM and PERT are the techniques of project management that were developed separately. The objects were distinct however; the theories for both techniques are actually the same. There are numbers of differences between both the techniques.
PERT is primarily designed for scheduling and preparation of research programmers; whereas CPM is used for maximizing the chances of completing the project on time.
The concept of crashing can be defined as allocate a minimum

CPM & PERT Assignment Help

CPM & PERT Assignment Help

time in order to complete a project that can reduce the time of each task and apply the same procedure with the price for the purpose of arriving at an ideal time.

CPM and PERT are the concepts of project management that are useful in the fundamental managerial functions such as scheduling, planning and control. A number of days before commercial production can initiate the projects undertaken by the company as they are enormous and this takes several years in order to complete.
The techniques of CPM and PERT in project management can help in finishing the many occupations on program. These techniques canminimizethe gaps, generation delays and contradictions. Both of these techniques are also useful in organizing various occupations of the complete projects that can accelerate the project and reach at the completion of project in a given time.

PERT is an advanced tool that can be used in scheduling, preparing and commanding of large projects comprising on several process that are separate from one another. As a result, it is considered as dubious. It is widely used in development and research endeavors.
There are few measures that are necessary in order to use PERT and CPM for planning andscheduling of a project.

(i) Each project contains several separate processes or tasks. All these process should be listed individually. It’s important to recognize and differentiate the many different tasks that are essential at the completion of a project. All the important tasks are also listed individually.

(ii) Once the record of varied tasks is prepared, the order of precedence for all these processes has to be established. A person is responsible to see which processes need to be finished before others may be started. Therefore, by doing so, specific process will need to be done. There are many processes that could be done simultaneously and particular processes will be dependent upon the successful ending of the process that was earlier. The relationship between all the processes must be clearly defined in order to complete the project.

(iii) The next thing to do would be to draw an image or a graph which describes each of these processes and reveals the predecessor and successor relationships among them. In addition, it also reveals the time that is needed for the completion of numerous processes. This is called the arrow diagram or the job graph.

Imagine, one can build a process graph for the project of preparing a budget for a big manufacturing company. The managing director of the firm needs his operating budget for the following year. In order to complete a project, the firm’s salesmen must supply sales estimates to the sales manager in units for a period of time. This data would be consolidated by the sales manager and provide it to the production manager.
He should provide the overall value of sales programs in terms of units that can be created and it can be assigned to the machines for the production. In addition, he can also estimate the market prices of the sales. He can also forecast the demands of labor and other input signals and give all these programs along with the variety of components to be made to the accounts supervisor who can supply the budget to the officials with the price of production data.

By utilizing the advice given by the department of production, sales and bookkeeping the budget officials would make the important arrangements that are essential for internal funding and prepare the budget. We have seen that the project of preparing a budget contain several tasks or process in order to complete.

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