Classification of Surveying Assignment & Homework Help

Classification of Surveying Assignment Help

To create vertical and flat location of direction points

To decide the borders and areas of cadastral survey such as property survey, border survey or parcels of land.

To gather necessary data for layout, preparation and performance of engineering jobs

To investigate availability and site states of infrastructures

To gather sufficient data to prepare strategy/map of region to

Classification of Surveying Assignment Help

Classification of Surveying Assignment Help

be used for design and planning

To set work out on the earth for real building / performance of the job

To plan, design, and lying out of route such as railways, highways, canals, pipelines, and other linear projects.

To decide on the latitude, longitude and azimuth (from astronomic observation through observation station)

To carry out surveying specific for underground and opencast mining functions.

After determining the location of any point, its reference should be held from stations whose place have been well defined or at least two long-term items.

The objective is:

— To localize the malfunctions; and

— To restrain the upsurge of malfunctions.

Categorization of Survey

Based upon nature of area:

  • Land Survey
  • Marine Survey
  • Astronomic Survey

Topographical Survey

Discover natural characteristics of an idea such as hills, valleys, lakes, etc. and additionally arterial characteristics like roads, buildings, canals, towns, etc.

Engineering Survey

Engineering Survey can be further broken up into:

  • Reconnaissance (To ascertain the feasibility and rough expense of the scheme)
  • Preliminary Survey (To gathering more accurate data)
  • Place Survey(To set out the job on the earth)

Categorization of Survey

Study of categorization of surveys is an important element of the study of Surveying as a whole. The surveys are conducted by using various distinct instruments.

  • As stated by the devices used for the survey
  • As stated by the purpose of survey
  • As stated by the procedure used for the survey
  • In line with the subject of work

In this informative article, we will list out the categorization in each class and examine them in detail.

Compass Survey

As the name suggest that the compass is used with the objective of the survey. Plane table is used for the function.

Theodolite Survey

Theodolite is a device that is helpful for running precise surveys.

In line with the intent of Surveying:

  1. Mine Survey
  2. Geological survey
  3. Archaeological survey
  4. Military survey

Based on the strategy used

  1. Triangulation Survey
  2. Transverse Survey

In line with the field of work:

  1. Land Survey
  2. Aerial Survey

We will discuss all these different kinds of surveys and survey procedures in detail in our consecutive posts.


It is the artwork of discovering the relative locations of distinct item on the surface of the planet by preparing a map to any appropriate scale and by measuring the horizontal space between them. Consequently, the measurements are taken in this procedure in the flat plane.


Leveling is the artwork of discovering the relative perpendicular space of distinct points on the surface of world. Therefore, the measurements are taken exclusively in leveling in the perpendicular plane.

Kinds of surveying (categorization):

  1. Plane surveying
  2. Geodetic surveying

The earth’s shape is spherical; however the surface is clearly curved. Therefore, in plane surveying curvature of earth is not taken into consideration. It is because plane surveying is performed over a tiny region or so the earth’s surface is thought to be a plane. The degree of precision needed in such a surveying is not entirely high. Plane surveying is done on a place of less than 250km2.

In geodetic surveying, the earth’s curvature is considered. It is stretched over a sizable region greater than 250km2. The line considered as a curved line. Devices as well as quite refined techniques are used in such a survey. In this process, quite high accuracy or precision is needed.

Survey may be categorized on various bases:

  • Predicated on device
  • Based on procedures
  • Predicated on nature of subject
  1. Topographical Survey

To discover natural characteristics of a nation such as rivers, valleys and man-made characteristics including road, railroad tracks, etc.

  1. City survey:

To find drainage systems, roads, water supply and premises.

  1. Engineering survey:

Engineering surveys are sub divided to gather comprehensive data for the layout of jobs including roads, railroad tracks, etc.

  1. Reconnaissance Survey
  2. Preliminary Survey
  3. Place Survey

Survey plays an important part in engineering fields including transmission line, mines and water supply, irrigation systems, railways, bridges and building, etc. Survey is the fundamental measure for any sort of building in about any field.

Surveying is not restricted to build.  It is additionally use to trace vital information in other work. A survey is used by authorities to learn from where the target was shot down and from what angle the bullet was activated, this information helps to locate the offender.

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