Casting, Forming and Welding Assignment & Homework Help

Casting, Forming and Welding


Casting is one of the processes of manufacturing. It is a process in which the liquid material is transferred into a frame that has a hollow cavity in order to turn that liquid in the solid form or in the desired shape. A shape that is produced after turning the liquid into solid form is known as casting.Mostly, the process of casting involves two or more materials that can a new product such as concrete, clay, plaster and epoxy, etc.

Furthermore, it can be practiced on computer aided design

Casting, Forming and Welding Assignment HelpCasting, Forming and Welding Assignment Help

Casting, Forming and Welding Assignment Help

(CAD). One can use the process of casting in order to assess the sand moulds that can be affected by the moulding variables. It can also be used to examine the process of the casting with the effect of additive mould. In addition, one of the features of the casting process is that it also examines the physical appearances of the base sands.


Forming is also the process of manufacturing. It is also known as the metalworking process. In this process, the objects and the metal parts are transformed through the mechanical deformation. The objects and the material parts are reshaped with the help of manufacturing without addition or reduction of a material in it. However, the mass of the manufacturing product remains unchanged. The process of forming is based on the principle of plastic deformation that is used in the materials science. Moreover, the process of forming can be used for test the formability of the materials.

In this principle, one can permanently distort the shape of any physical material. The example of the forming processes are listed below:

  • Rolling
  • Thread rolling
  • Electromagnetic forming
  • Extrusion
  • Rotary swaging
  • Sheet metal working
  • Forging
  • Explosive forming


Another process of manufacturing is welding. It is also an important process of manufacturing. Welding is a process of construction in which one can combine the two or more materials in order to form a new product with the help of high temperature.  However, the temperature should be lower than the materials so that the it cannot burn out the materials of the products. In addition, after combining the product, a filter material is used to lower down the temperature of the materials. A filter could be a cold water that can quickly reduce the warmth of the materials.However, in the process of welding, one can study the distribution of the temperature and the flow of heat between the materials.

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